Saturday, January 18, 2014


Sayin' GOODBYE to 2013

Howdy folks...findin' time to get movin' on updatin' our family blog. I wanted to kick things off by wrappin' up (HOH) happenings in twenty thirteen!

We celebrated 2013 with many "FIRST" in our new home together. Our house is becoming a home more and more each day. We have worked on different rooms in our home but still have a huge "TO DO" list for the future! Sad to say y'all...but we have major decoratin' ADD...we start in one room leave half of it complete and then we are off to tackle another half-done room.

HA! OUT OF CONTROL... we are workin' on gettin’ our focus back on track!

Finding the right pieces of furniture has become a true treasure hunt for the vision I have in mind. It can be very fustratin' because it isn't comin' together fast enough! The journey is the true pleasure and the end result is seeing it all come together...
I have to remind myself to just relax and enjoy the process.

Christmas alone was a mission within itself...tryin' to create my interpretation of a" RUSTIC GLAM" Christmas was a major expense. I started from scratch this year so that meant collecting all new ornaments, lights, stockings, unique decorations, wreaths and all our outdoor decor.

I knew what Christmas color scheme I wanted and started with a centerpiece for one of my islands in the kitchen. I bought the perfect little buckets from TARGET $1 spot and GLAMed them up with glitter and lace. I purchased all my floral and ribbons from Hobby Lobby (they love me there) and went to work on creating my centerpiece.

I usually don't ever have a plan on what my creation will be...I just purchase what I think will look good together and wing it from there. I know crazy...but it works for me!

I purchased my wooden container from the BEST lil' fun store in Gruene...Rusty Bugs & Roosters.

If you ever find yourself visiting Gruene,TX it's a must stop in and check it out kinda store!

I was looking for some unique stockings this year and decided to create my own. It's semi-homemade...I purchased the stockings from Target (on sale) and went to Hobby Lobby and bought all my embellishments for the stockings. Then I went to work on decoratin’ the top portion of our stockings. I truly love how they turned out...they are unique...just what I was looking for!

Same with the white wreath...a Target purchase (gosh! I heart me some Target). I added my own BLING initial and bells... so there ya have a one of a kind tailored to your look Christmas DECOR. I love knowing that no one else will have the same kind of look.

It's easy enough for anyone to accomplish and you ensure a look unique to your own style!

Here is a little photo share of my goodie buffet and a look at our Christmas tree at night and during the day. I still have a lot left to collect for our Christmas Glam decor.

Mr.Hubs and I went a little CRAY and purchaced a crazy amount of Christmas decor for next year! We just couldn't pass up all the amazing after "Christmas Sales". So stay tuned for next year...I will be gettin' started sooner on unique decor to complete my vision!

We had a fabulous Christmas with family and friends. We are blessed beyond all I could have ever imagined. God is good always. WE praise him for all his blessings!

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