Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy FALL Y'all Part II
Howdy Folks!
I just wanted to do a short post and share with y'all what I've been busy workin' on over at
 House Of Hubble. I truly love bein' inspired by many home decor blogs in the BLOG world.
By no means am I a "PROFESSIONAL" decorator... just a momma sharin' her home decor inspired
 by many Pinterest inspirations! I love that Mr. Hubs made me a "Coffee/Tea Bar" for my
new breakfast area. It was a MUST in the new house, after I saw the idea on Pinterest!

It's hard to believe that we will be in our new home a year this comin' December...boy how time flies!

 I still feel completely overwhelmed with all that we still need to do to make our house feel like a home! I can't wait until it has that "put together look" feel to it!

All in due time, but in the meantime... I love creating different looks for my Coffee/Tea Bar.

I love changin' things out for my kiddos and using this area to do more cutsie kid friendly decor...if that makes sense???!

Here is a couple of not so great quality pictures to share of some of my creations.

I LOVE Rustic-Glam and that's the look I am tryin' to create throughout our home. Each piece is takin' some time to find when your lookin' for unique!

This is what my Coffee/Tea Bar looks like in celebration of  FALL. I change out snacks for my kiddos here daily. I have planned apple cider, carmel apples, banana bread and Rice Krispie pumpkins on their snack menu for this comin' week. I fell in total love with my banner! It's from a cute little Etsy shop "TheLovelyApple"...if you are wantin' to score the same one you can find it here!
Totally dig her check out her shop! If you are interested in the"Happy Fall Y'all" printable I scored that one here. You will LOVE the A and E Living Blog, so head on over and check her adorable blog out...great printables (free)!

I started puttin' together my Thanksgiving table ideas and doin' a practice run. I love rustic and bling together! So the other day I made my centerpiece for my table.
I have pictured in my mind to find some awesome BLING candles to finish the Rustic-Glam look off.
When I get the TOTAL look together I will post some pictures to share with y'all. I purchased all my flowers at Hobby Lobby and bought my rustic lookin' basket at a cute and unique shop in Gruene TX... LOVE Gruene!!!

Fallin' it up in the entryway with a "Howdy Y'all" sign is a great way to greet guest southern style!

Movin' on to is what my Coffee/Tea Bar looked like durin' the month of October. Also the month that kicks off the delish PUMPKIN SPICE coffee...makes everything better in the mornin'!
I just HEART me some FALL season! Sorry y'all for the poor quality of my picture!

If your interested in the Halloween printable you can find it here.
 Another great BLOG with fantastic printables and cute craftivities!

Saraya and Jax are my last two willin' to dress up for Halloween. Makes me sad that my other two had no interest in dressin' up...teenagers!!! BOOOOOOO!
Jax was a Ninja and Saraya was a babies are growin' up so fast!

Here is a throwback to Halloween 2007...when 3 of my babies we "SUPER HERO KIDS"!
They are totally ADORBS...wishin' I could freeze time!
Serena 7yrs, Saraya 3yrs, Jax 4months

Jaxers lost his first front tooth earlier this month! I LOVE this boy...he is truly unique!

My last photo share for this post is a picture of my Christmas color scheme and decor. I will share the final look with y'all when I post about our holiday season. I for one am lookin' forward to some much needed awesome quality family time.
We are also doin' our first family hunt together this year. I will share my experience with y'all on our huntin' trip when it happens...should be fun and very adventurous!
 Have a great week y'all!