Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Fall Y’all

This has to be my all-time favorite part of the year. The perfect weather, the boys of Fall, hunting season, caramel apples, Thanksgiving, pumpkin patch time, hot apple cider, pumpkin spice lattes, gatherings with family and friends, and comfort food, what more could ya ask for?!!

 I have started my FALL decorating around the house...still have lots to do. I fell in love with this printable "Give thanks with a grateful heart" over at "A Step In The Journey" blog. Lots of gorgeous printables and in different go check out her blog here and getcha some fabulous printables!

Times flies when you’re busy havin’ fun with family and friends. My youngest daughter really motivated me to get back on track with our family website. Its been on the back burner for way to long. I have so much catching up to do.

I recently learned that my children DO read our family blog.Totally melted my heart when they told me they needed, “new material to read on our HOH blog”!

It really doesn’t matter that I have 5 or if I had a million followers for that matter. Its the fact that I have “captured” my target audience (my children)!
It brings tears to my eyes knowing they take the time to read a moment of who they once were and what shaped them to be who they are today. 

 What a beautiful gift to leave my most treasured blessings from God. It's a way for them to look back on our time together no matter how far they are from "HOME" and startin' a new journey in life!

So what have we been up to?
Its football season and Jax is playin’ flag football for the first time. We are so super duper excited to be apart of our football community. Jax is doin' a fabulous job at playin' football.
He is already setting records for the league he plays for. His team is the FIRST flag football team everrrr to score a pass touchdown for the CLYFL! We are so very proud of him and his teammates!

 Mr. Hubs is the head coach for Jax's team and he's LOVIN''s so stinkin' sweet to see the bonding experience takin' place within the whole family.

 I've been busy makin' football goodies and noise makers for me and the other football mamas!I LOVE all things football!!

Saraya is cheerin' for the HAWKS this year...and she is totally diggin' it. We have always been more of a SPORTS (not that cheerleading isn't a sport) kinda family so it's nice to see one of my girls lovin' to cheer!

This week was Homecoming...a BIG thing in TEXAS!
So I was busy makin' mums and garters.

I made Jax a garter BUT he wasn't diggin' it! I think he is still too young to understand the meaning behind it and felt embarrassed to wear it to school.

He chunked it in his backpack when he got to!

Jax and Saraya homecoming morning. Jax will be all smiles one day when his first girlfriend presents him with a homecoming garter...I will remind him of how embarrassed he was to wear one back in the day! HA!

We are a FOOTBALL LOVIN' family...we ALL love the game! The EXCITEMENT you feel when you see your son make a touchdown or make that defensive tackle is exhilarating!

Love seein' my daughter get the parents in the bleechers to stand up and CHEER and show some HAWKS spirit... Melts! My! Heart y'all!

Havin' family there to support us is what life is about and makin' memories.

We have strangers interrupt our Saturday morin' late breakfast or lunch just to share with us their memories of when their children once played Saturday mornin' football and thankin' us for reminding then of what a beautiful memory it is and blessing our family on their way out.

The smile that graces their faces when sharin' a story is touchin' and it leaves us with knowing that family time is VERY important! We will cherish these moments more than we will ever know.

So when it's hard to wake up early on Saturday mornin'... I remind myself that there is a beautiful day in the makin' and I am my children's BIGGEST cheerleader!