Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hurry Up December

Hurry Up December!

We are hoping to be in our new home before Christmas! Yippie!

I really hope our closing date will be scheduled “officially” over my Christmas break!

It would be nice to have those two weeks to get our home set up before I have to
 return back to school!

So Lord if you’re hearing mecould you PLEASE bless me with your favor I would greatly appreciate it!

Until then I have been busy gettin’ my Christmas DÉCOR ON!

Many in our community have spotted me at Hobby Lobbybecause I’ve been in there for hours! Embarrassing FORRRR SURE!!!

Mr. Hubs suggested that maybe I should become an employee for Hobby Lobby! HA!
Only if they pay me in merchandise!

I am just over the moon EXCITED about decorating this Christmas!

I was havin’ a little trouble comin’ up with a color scheme and I think I may have finally settled on one.

I knew I wanted a teal color in whatever I came up with because that will be a color accent through out our homesuper EXCITED!

I started with a wreath to try out the color scheme and fell in love with it!
Now I can move forward with the rest of the Christmas décor.

They are finishin’ up the details over at “House of Hubble!

 I am lookin’ forward to seein’ how the hardwoods turn out in the upstairs 
part of the house.

Movin’ on to my picture share: 
Christmas Colors 

Bathroom details...I just HEART my kitchen has specks of BLING in it...
I am one happy lady!

We can't wait to enjoy our back patio and get that fireplace goin'! Bring on some COWBOY & Eagle football games!

The only time we are divided is durin' football season! I think Mr. Hubs is winnin' me over about supportin' the Eagles!

I can't believe I just wrote that! But it's true... besides I look good in green! HA!

Gettin' our sidewalk & driveway poured soon...then some landscapin...LOVE it! 

Saraya & Jax doin' their last "Trick or Treat" run in our old hood.
What a sweet angel and the coolest lookin' Optimus Prime!

This year Jax gets to go huntin' with Mr. Hubs! He was taught the "dos and DON'Ts" of gun safety! The boy is a natural! 

Then Mr.Hubs presented him with his first official was Mr.Hub's 1st gun 
when he was Jax's age! 

This totally MELTS.MY.HEART!

Jax is's in his blood! I guess I better learn how to cook some 

I plan on gettin' my hunt on soon as well! 

My baby is growin' up way to fast!

I like to wish y'all a "Happy Thanksgiving" tons of turkey and enjoy your many blessings !
The Hubble Family