Sunday, October 28, 2012

The EXCITEMENT Is Building

As we are nearing the end of our house building experience…I can only DREAD cleaning out the house we are currently renting!

Seriously when, where, and HOW did we collect so much crap STUFF…what was the purpose of “Spring cleanin’”...geeeezzzz 
(big waste of time)!!! HA! 

Every weekend we have plans to tackle some project in our current house…packing, cleaning, garage sales, donations and my favorite...THANKSGIVING!

I really HATE the crap out of dislike movin'! I'm already feeling the stress and we haven't even started packing! 

The holidays are stressful enough without adding a MOVE into the mix! 

Every year I vow..."to start the holiday shoppin' and planning season EARLY!"...HA! Fat chance!

I guess I work better under least that's what I tell myself to feel a little better about it all! 

Okay, I totally got off my point of this post... (ADD for sure) bahaha!

We have become some major STALKERS at our home construction included! Seriously!

 We are out there everyday and sometimes twice a day...please tell me we are not alone in this! 

We have become good friends with many of the contractors workin' on our the point that on Fridays (family trip)... we treat them to an ice chest full of their favorite cold beer...yes, true story!

 It seems to be payin' off in major ways...the work that has been done on our home is phenomenal! 

We appreciate all their hard work...especially durin' the blazing Texas heat...I wouldn't want any part of an outside job! 

I love that my children and I have the opportunity to practice our Spanish! We have met some very kind men! It has to be hard on them having to hear us speak Spanish...HA! 

I am truly grateful for all the good Lord as blessed us with!!!! GOD is Good!

Okay, so now on to my picture share!

We are so thrilled with how the stone work turned out on our home! 

 LOVIN' the shade we are going to have!

They have started the masonry work on our inside & outside fireplaces...LOVIN' it!

We opted for 8 ft. doors through out the glad we did! It really gives the house a more elegant feel!

Saraya & Jax practicing their Spanish with 
one of our new awesome friends! 

They also got a lesson in masonry the new vocabulary learned! 

That's the teacher in HEART is smiling!

 Saraya & Jax playin' on the dirt mounds...
they are so outdoor kiddos for sure! 

To think that it all started with a KISS! 
I LOVE this man! 

Thanks to PINTEREST...I made my first wreath for our new house today!

Here's to wishful thinkin'...
just incase we make it into our new home before Thanksgiving!

I am ready to tackle all my 
"NEW HOUSE" projects! 

Wishin' y'all a great week!