Saturday, September 22, 2012

Catching Up On House of Hubble

MAJOR Catch Up Time!!
 So Seriously! I thought this bloggin’ for our family idea was going to be easy peasy…BUT it’s not!

I can’t seem to manage my time on posting for both blogs! Oh well, better late than NEVER…so here is my CATCH UP on what’s been going on over at the

First off I turned the BIG 40 in August! My darlin’ husband set up a beautiful dinner party, drinkin’ and dancin’ with my FAVORITE peeps!

Turnin’ FORTY has been a big deal for me…I know age is just a number BUT it was a mental adjustment. I have never felt better and more secure in my life as I do now! 

There is such a peace in knowing the things I do now… than what I did know in my 20’s & 30’s (many mistakes). HA!

I am still THANKFUL for each one of them for they have lead me to the woman I am today! 

It was truly an AMAZING DAY! 
I feel very BLESSED to share my life with such lovin', supportive and carin' family and friends!

Next up:

Back To School time for may FAVORITE blessings.

I have thought about this particular school year many times…especially when I held Jax in my arms for the first time.

Savannah & Jax are 12 years apart and the thought of my oldest graduating from high school and my youngest startin’ school for the first time has been a very emotional thought for me! 

So many emotions...from absolute happiness for their milestones…to me feeling the pressure of lettin’ go of my sweet babies.

Time truly does fly…they are babies one minute and then drivin’ a vehicle the next minute! Geezzz…I wasn’t ready for that!

Either way I feel very blessed that God has entrusted me with four beautiful souls.

The bond that my four children share is truly amazing and beautiful to witness…I already have tears in my eyes from thinkin’ about them!

First Day of School pictures: 

New House UPDATE!!

We hope to be in our new house sometime in November or at the latest early December. We are sooooo super EXCITED to get into our new CASA!
It’s been interesting building a new home (more like stressful).

They have messed up on some things… so at times it gets very frustrating because it causes our completion date to be set back to a later date…no bueno when you are ready to move in NOW!

Anyhow, we are still very much excited at seeing the progresses made on our home…so are our children!

They LOVE headin’ out to the new house to check things out with us… or maybe they are just tryin’ to scout the neighborhood for some kiddos! Either way I enjoy their company!

Here's a quick share on what progress has been made on the new CASA: 

We went with stained concrete on the first level floors and dark hardwoods with the 2nd level floors...I DESPISE carpet!!! 

I am more of a AREA rug kind of girl! 

I LOVE how our floors turned out...looks like leather...LOVE IT! 

Sunroom floor...gorgeous! 

Front door view of our 
stained concrete floors.

They are getting ready to brick and stone the front of the exciting to see our house design come to life! 

It's a little scary too because I worry it won't come together look wise! 

Mr. Spouse assures me I have good taste in products & design so he trust all my design decisions! Fingers CROSSED!

Saraya is in the picture..she is so stinkin' caaaaute!

Before the floors were stained.

Mr. Spouse was very thoughtful and built a "Family Deer" blind for this year's Huntin' Season! 

We still need to paint it and maybe I will get the chance to BLING it up on the inside! HA! No chance on that! 

Okay, I feel a little better now that I was able to make a post today.

 Now it's off to check on the new house and see if they've worked on anything new this week. 

Have a GREAT weekend everyone and enjoy this beautiful 1st day of FALL!