Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Birthday Interviews Part 2:

I was finally able to catch my last two kiddos to get their “Birthday Interview’s” recorded. I think next time I will personalize the questions a little bit more.

The age difference between my oldest & my youngest is 12 years! 
WOWZA! So, they are at totally different stages in their lives! 
I highly recommend doing some kind of yearly interview with your children.
It’s fun to see the changes in the person they are becoming!

Dear Serena & Saraya,

I realized today how much y’all have grown into beautiful young ladies. 

You WOWED me with your confidence and the direction you are headed to in life! 

Thank you for the laughs and the DRAMA you seem to bless me with every day! 

Life would be boring without you BOTH
I love you dearly. 

Serena I will fix the issue we have of never gettin’ the chance to spend some time alone together! 



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  1. just adorable! good laughs and great memories!