Sunday, July 1, 2012

Birthday Interviews

Okay, so I am tryin’ to make up for lost time & use our family blog the way I had intended to do so.

All our kiddos just had their birthdays one right after another…talk about busy!

March-August is a SUPER busy time for the HUBS and I…We are busy celebrating birthdays & our anniversary falls in July as well!

So, I started interviewing the oldest and my youngest…they were the only 2 at home today!

I will catch the other 2 when they get back from visiting Momo & Popo Hubble!

 Dear Savannah & Jax,

 It was fun listening to your answers on your Birthday Interviews today. I hope you will look back on this day and remember who you once were at this moment in time!

My hope for you is when you are old enough to understand why it was important for me to do this… it will bring a smile to you face and you will feel the love I so have for you in my heart!