Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Birthday Interviews Part 2:

I was finally able to catch my last two kiddos to get their “Birthday Interview’s” recorded. I think next time I will personalize the questions a little bit more.

The age difference between my oldest & my youngest is 12 years! 
WOWZA! So, they are at totally different stages in their lives! 
I highly recommend doing some kind of yearly interview with your children.
It’s fun to see the changes in the person they are becoming!

Dear Serena & Saraya,

I realized today how much y’all have grown into beautiful young ladies. 

You WOWED me with your confidence and the direction you are headed to in life! 

Thank you for the laughs and the DRAMA you seem to bless me with every day! 

Life would be boring without you BOTH
I love you dearly. 

Serena I will fix the issue we have of never gettin’ the chance to spend some time alone together! 



Pinterest Projects

Howdy Folks,
I’ve been workin’ on a couple of Pinterest projects this past week! I had my eye on a fabulous “Jewelry Frame” and puttin’ those natural cleaning products to the test. 

So I created my jewelry frame, put some cleaning products to the test and made His & Her "I Love you because…." dry erase frames. 

Mr. Spouse and I celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary this past weekend!

GOOD TIMES…we celebrated with a couples massage, dinner (Boudro’s) on a Riverwalk boat! A MUST DO when you are visiting San Antonio, TX. and a little wine & dancin’ to finish off our night! It was my year to plan our anniversary date! I am so thrilled it turned out fabulous!

Check out my Projects!

The inspirational source for my jewelry board came from here if you would like to check it out! 

I bought my fabric, frame, hooks, teal knobs and all my ribbons plus the flowers from HOBBY LOBBY

It was pretty easy to put together! 
You do need to glue down your fabric to a cork board or at least drill in your hooks so that it will stay put. 
I did both processes just to make sure it would not sag off the board!

 Final Look! I am very happy with it!

Up Next 
Cleaning Tip #1
1 microwave heat safe bowl
2 cups of water
2 teaspoons of Vinegar
1 teaspoon of Vanilla
Cook in microwave for 7 minutes.
Let the mixture sit for about 3 minutes. 
Remove bowl from the microwave 
(Be careful it will still be HOT)!
Wipe down with a clean paper towel! 
Easy Peasy...Lemon Squeezy

Last BUT not least…
What I call our “LOVE NOTES” dry erase frames! This was one of my gifts to Mr. Spouse. He thought it was a great idea!

He's very ROMANTIC... so LUCKY me! It's the little things that add up big in a marriage. 
Durin' the school year it's really hard to make time for one another because of our jobs, kiddos & all the others in between....BUT we do! 

We have a scheduled DATE Night (Thursdays), a once a month GETAWAY, and at least dancin' twice a month when ever possible

The "LOVE NOTES" are a way for us to remind the other how important they are even when we are wrapped up in our busy lives!

Here's MINE...

Here's HIS... I took the sequence off...he wasn't diggin' that...bahahaha!

 Us before our night out on the Riverwalk!
It's so ROMANTIC downtown 
San Antonio, TX.!

I have a thing for ChEVRON! 

 Mr.Spouse and I... 

I HEART him!

The Hubbles

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Birthday Interviews

Okay, so I am tryin’ to make up for lost time & use our family blog the way I had intended to do so.

All our kiddos just had their birthdays one right after another…talk about busy!

March-August is a SUPER busy time for the HUBS and I…We are busy celebrating birthdays & our anniversary falls in July as well!

So, I started interviewing the oldest and my youngest…they were the only 2 at home today!

I will catch the other 2 when they get back from visiting Momo & Popo Hubble!

 Dear Savannah & Jax,

 It was fun listening to your answers on your Birthday Interviews today. I hope you will look back on this day and remember who you once were at this moment in time!

My hope for you is when you are old enough to understand why it was important for me to do this… it will bring a smile to you face and you will feel the love I so have for you in my heart!


UPDATE: On House of Hubble

We have the start of what is soon to be the foundation of our new home. In my opinion the most IMPORTANT part of a home! 

I think it’s sweet that the family agrees that I am the foundation of our lil' family! We are all very EXCITED about the next journey in our lives!

Our new home will truly represents the 6 of us…it’s our new beginning together. A place where our children will continue to grow and live out the rest of their life experiences!

 I am THANKFUL everyday for the love ones' whom I share my life with! 

I LOVE y'all deeply my sweet lil' family...may the LORD continue to BLESS us with his favor on our continued journey together!