Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dearest ANNA- My Only FOLLOWER!!!!
I want to APOLOGIZE for neglecting you! I have to admit it has been hard keepin' up with 2 BLOGS! BUT I have some great news to share with you
We have started construction on our NEW HOUSE! 

You probably already know that seeing how we are FACEBOOK friends and all! Bahahaha

Mr. Spouse will be happy to see all my endless hours of “research” on PINTEREST go to work! HA!
I promise to update you a lot sooner Anna! THANK YOU for being a LOYAL follower! Please feel free to leave comments :)

SORRY! My sweet family for NEVER cooking, cleaning and makin’ sure the laundry has been kept up… you will thank me later when I have PINTERIZED our home! BAHAHAHA
LOVE y'all deeply!