Sunday, January 22, 2012

Meet the Hubbles 
The 2 Clemones Sidekicks!

Sorry, it's taken me forever to get this blog started! I also started a teaching blog and it's seems to be like another full-time job plus I am OCD and it takes forever to get things just right. HA! I'm sure in time things will get easier. 

I would like to start off by sharing with y'all that we are a "blended" family. Savannah and Serena are a gift from my previous marriage! Raymond and I have the two younger children together. If you ask Ray, he will tell you he has FOUR children. One of the MANY reasons why I had to say YES! He is a man of great honor and has a very loving heart. LUCKY US! I am treated like a queen everyday! 

Back Row-Jessica & Raymond
Front Row- Savannah, Serena, Saraya & JAX

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