Saturday, January 18, 2014


Sayin' GOODBYE to 2013

Howdy folks...findin' time to get movin' on updatin' our family blog. I wanted to kick things off by wrappin' up (HOH) happenings in twenty thirteen!

We celebrated 2013 with many "FIRST" in our new home together. Our house is becoming a home more and more each day. We have worked on different rooms in our home but still have a huge "TO DO" list for the future! Sad to say y'all...but we have major decoratin' ADD...we start in one room leave half of it complete and then we are off to tackle another half-done room.

HA! OUT OF CONTROL... we are workin' on gettin’ our focus back on track!

Finding the right pieces of furniture has become a true treasure hunt for the vision I have in mind. It can be very fustratin' because it isn't comin' together fast enough! The journey is the true pleasure and the end result is seeing it all come together...
I have to remind myself to just relax and enjoy the process.

Christmas alone was a mission within itself...tryin' to create my interpretation of a" RUSTIC GLAM" Christmas was a major expense. I started from scratch this year so that meant collecting all new ornaments, lights, stockings, unique decorations, wreaths and all our outdoor decor.

I knew what Christmas color scheme I wanted and started with a centerpiece for one of my islands in the kitchen. I bought the perfect little buckets from TARGET $1 spot and GLAMed them up with glitter and lace. I purchased all my floral and ribbons from Hobby Lobby (they love me there) and went to work on creating my centerpiece.

I usually don't ever have a plan on what my creation will be...I just purchase what I think will look good together and wing it from there. I know crazy...but it works for me!

I purchased my wooden container from the BEST lil' fun store in Gruene...Rusty Bugs & Roosters.

If you ever find yourself visiting Gruene,TX it's a must stop in and check it out kinda store!

I was looking for some unique stockings this year and decided to create my own. It's semi-homemade...I purchased the stockings from Target (on sale) and went to Hobby Lobby and bought all my embellishments for the stockings. Then I went to work on decoratin’ the top portion of our stockings. I truly love how they turned out...they are unique...just what I was looking for!

Same with the white wreath...a Target purchase (gosh! I heart me some Target). I added my own BLING initial and bells... so there ya have a one of a kind tailored to your look Christmas DECOR. I love knowing that no one else will have the same kind of look.

It's easy enough for anyone to accomplish and you ensure a look unique to your own style!

Here is a little photo share of my goodie buffet and a look at our Christmas tree at night and during the day. I still have a lot left to collect for our Christmas Glam decor.

Mr.Hubs and I went a little CRAY and purchaced a crazy amount of Christmas decor for next year! We just couldn't pass up all the amazing after "Christmas Sales". So stay tuned for next year...I will be gettin' started sooner on unique decor to complete my vision!

We had a fabulous Christmas with family and friends. We are blessed beyond all I could have ever imagined. God is good always. WE praise him for all his blessings!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy FALL Y'all Part II
Howdy Folks!
I just wanted to do a short post and share with y'all what I've been busy workin' on over at
 House Of Hubble. I truly love bein' inspired by many home decor blogs in the BLOG world.
By no means am I a "PROFESSIONAL" decorator... just a momma sharin' her home decor inspired
 by many Pinterest inspirations! I love that Mr. Hubs made me a "Coffee/Tea Bar" for my
new breakfast area. It was a MUST in the new house, after I saw the idea on Pinterest!

It's hard to believe that we will be in our new home a year this comin' December...boy how time flies!

 I still feel completely overwhelmed with all that we still need to do to make our house feel like a home! I can't wait until it has that "put together look" feel to it!

All in due time, but in the meantime... I love creating different looks for my Coffee/Tea Bar.

I love changin' things out for my kiddos and using this area to do more cutsie kid friendly decor...if that makes sense???!

Here is a couple of not so great quality pictures to share of some of my creations.

I LOVE Rustic-Glam and that's the look I am tryin' to create throughout our home. Each piece is takin' some time to find when your lookin' for unique!

This is what my Coffee/Tea Bar looks like in celebration of  FALL. I change out snacks for my kiddos here daily. I have planned apple cider, carmel apples, banana bread and Rice Krispie pumpkins on their snack menu for this comin' week. I fell in total love with my banner! It's from a cute little Etsy shop "TheLovelyApple"...if you are wantin' to score the same one you can find it here!
Totally dig her check out her shop! If you are interested in the"Happy Fall Y'all" printable I scored that one here. You will LOVE the A and E Living Blog, so head on over and check her adorable blog out...great printables (free)!

I started puttin' together my Thanksgiving table ideas and doin' a practice run. I love rustic and bling together! So the other day I made my centerpiece for my table.
I have pictured in my mind to find some awesome BLING candles to finish the Rustic-Glam look off.
When I get the TOTAL look together I will post some pictures to share with y'all. I purchased all my flowers at Hobby Lobby and bought my rustic lookin' basket at a cute and unique shop in Gruene TX... LOVE Gruene!!!

Fallin' it up in the entryway with a "Howdy Y'all" sign is a great way to greet guest southern style!

Movin' on to is what my Coffee/Tea Bar looked like durin' the month of October. Also the month that kicks off the delish PUMPKIN SPICE coffee...makes everything better in the mornin'!
I just HEART me some FALL season! Sorry y'all for the poor quality of my picture!

If your interested in the Halloween printable you can find it here.
 Another great BLOG with fantastic printables and cute craftivities!

Saraya and Jax are my last two willin' to dress up for Halloween. Makes me sad that my other two had no interest in dressin' up...teenagers!!! BOOOOOOO!
Jax was a Ninja and Saraya was a babies are growin' up so fast!

Here is a throwback to Halloween 2007...when 3 of my babies we "SUPER HERO KIDS"!
They are totally ADORBS...wishin' I could freeze time!
Serena 7yrs, Saraya 3yrs, Jax 4months

Jaxers lost his first front tooth earlier this month! I LOVE this boy...he is truly unique!

My last photo share for this post is a picture of my Christmas color scheme and decor. I will share the final look with y'all when I post about our holiday season. I for one am lookin' forward to some much needed awesome quality family time.
We are also doin' our first family hunt together this year. I will share my experience with y'all on our huntin' trip when it happens...should be fun and very adventurous!
 Have a great week y'all!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Fall Y’all

This has to be my all-time favorite part of the year. The perfect weather, the boys of Fall, hunting season, caramel apples, Thanksgiving, pumpkin patch time, hot apple cider, pumpkin spice lattes, gatherings with family and friends, and comfort food, what more could ya ask for?!!

 I have started my FALL decorating around the house...still have lots to do. I fell in love with this printable "Give thanks with a grateful heart" over at "A Step In The Journey" blog. Lots of gorgeous printables and in different go check out her blog here and getcha some fabulous printables!

Times flies when you’re busy havin’ fun with family and friends. My youngest daughter really motivated me to get back on track with our family website. Its been on the back burner for way to long. I have so much catching up to do.

I recently learned that my children DO read our family blog.Totally melted my heart when they told me they needed, “new material to read on our HOH blog”!

It really doesn’t matter that I have 5 or if I had a million followers for that matter. Its the fact that I have “captured” my target audience (my children)!
It brings tears to my eyes knowing they take the time to read a moment of who they once were and what shaped them to be who they are today. 

 What a beautiful gift to leave my most treasured blessings from God. It's a way for them to look back on our time together no matter how far they are from "HOME" and startin' a new journey in life!

So what have we been up to?
Its football season and Jax is playin’ flag football for the first time. We are so super duper excited to be apart of our football community. Jax is doin' a fabulous job at playin' football.
He is already setting records for the league he plays for. His team is the FIRST flag football team everrrr to score a pass touchdown for the CLYFL! We are so very proud of him and his teammates!

 Mr. Hubs is the head coach for Jax's team and he's LOVIN''s so stinkin' sweet to see the bonding experience takin' place within the whole family.

 I've been busy makin' football goodies and noise makers for me and the other football mamas!I LOVE all things football!!

Saraya is cheerin' for the HAWKS this year...and she is totally diggin' it. We have always been more of a SPORTS (not that cheerleading isn't a sport) kinda family so it's nice to see one of my girls lovin' to cheer!

This week was Homecoming...a BIG thing in TEXAS!
So I was busy makin' mums and garters.

I made Jax a garter BUT he wasn't diggin' it! I think he is still too young to understand the meaning behind it and felt embarrassed to wear it to school.

He chunked it in his backpack when he got to!

Jax and Saraya homecoming morning. Jax will be all smiles one day when his first girlfriend presents him with a homecoming garter...I will remind him of how embarrassed he was to wear one back in the day! HA!

We are a FOOTBALL LOVIN' family...we ALL love the game! The EXCITEMENT you feel when you see your son make a touchdown or make that defensive tackle is exhilarating!

Love seein' my daughter get the parents in the bleechers to stand up and CHEER and show some HAWKS spirit... Melts! My! Heart y'all!

Havin' family there to support us is what life is about and makin' memories.

We have strangers interrupt our Saturday morin' late breakfast or lunch just to share with us their memories of when their children once played Saturday mornin' football and thankin' us for reminding then of what a beautiful memory it is and blessing our family on their way out.

The smile that graces their faces when sharin' a story is touchin' and it leaves us with knowing that family time is VERY important! We will cherish these moments more than we will ever know.

So when it's hard to wake up early on Saturday mornin'... I remind myself that there is a beautiful day in the makin' and I am my children's BIGGEST cheerleader!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hurry Up December

Hurry Up December!

We are hoping to be in our new home before Christmas! Yippie!

I really hope our closing date will be scheduled “officially” over my Christmas break!

It would be nice to have those two weeks to get our home set up before I have to
 return back to school!

So Lord if you’re hearing mecould you PLEASE bless me with your favor I would greatly appreciate it!

Until then I have been busy gettin’ my Christmas DÉCOR ON!

Many in our community have spotted me at Hobby Lobbybecause I’ve been in there for hours! Embarrassing FORRRR SURE!!!

Mr. Hubs suggested that maybe I should become an employee for Hobby Lobby! HA!
Only if they pay me in merchandise!

I am just over the moon EXCITED about decorating this Christmas!

I was havin’ a little trouble comin’ up with a color scheme and I think I may have finally settled on one.

I knew I wanted a teal color in whatever I came up with because that will be a color accent through out our homesuper EXCITED!

I started with a wreath to try out the color scheme and fell in love with it!
Now I can move forward with the rest of the Christmas décor.

They are finishin’ up the details over at “House of Hubble!

 I am lookin’ forward to seein’ how the hardwoods turn out in the upstairs 
part of the house.

Movin’ on to my picture share: 
Christmas Colors 

Bathroom details...I just HEART my kitchen has specks of BLING in it...
I am one happy lady!

We can't wait to enjoy our back patio and get that fireplace goin'! Bring on some COWBOY & Eagle football games!

The only time we are divided is durin' football season! I think Mr. Hubs is winnin' me over about supportin' the Eagles!

I can't believe I just wrote that! But it's true... besides I look good in green! HA!

Gettin' our sidewalk & driveway poured soon...then some landscapin...LOVE it! 

Saraya & Jax doin' their last "Trick or Treat" run in our old hood.
What a sweet angel and the coolest lookin' Optimus Prime!

This year Jax gets to go huntin' with Mr. Hubs! He was taught the "dos and DON'Ts" of gun safety! The boy is a natural! 

Then Mr.Hubs presented him with his first official was Mr.Hub's 1st gun 
when he was Jax's age! 

This totally MELTS.MY.HEART!

Jax is's in his blood! I guess I better learn how to cook some 

I plan on gettin' my hunt on soon as well! 

My baby is growin' up way to fast!

I like to wish y'all a "Happy Thanksgiving" tons of turkey and enjoy your many blessings !
The Hubble Family

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The EXCITEMENT Is Building

As we are nearing the end of our house building experience…I can only DREAD cleaning out the house we are currently renting!

Seriously when, where, and HOW did we collect so much crap STUFF…what was the purpose of “Spring cleanin’”...geeeezzzz 
(big waste of time)!!! HA! 

Every weekend we have plans to tackle some project in our current house…packing, cleaning, garage sales, donations and my favorite...THANKSGIVING!

I really HATE the crap out of dislike movin'! I'm already feeling the stress and we haven't even started packing! 

The holidays are stressful enough without adding a MOVE into the mix! 

Every year I vow..."to start the holiday shoppin' and planning season EARLY!"...HA! Fat chance!

I guess I work better under least that's what I tell myself to feel a little better about it all! 

Okay, I totally got off my point of this post... (ADD for sure) bahaha!

We have become some major STALKERS at our home construction included! Seriously!

 We are out there everyday and sometimes twice a day...please tell me we are not alone in this! 

We have become good friends with many of the contractors workin' on our the point that on Fridays (family trip)... we treat them to an ice chest full of their favorite cold beer...yes, true story!

 It seems to be payin' off in major ways...the work that has been done on our home is phenomenal! 

We appreciate all their hard work...especially durin' the blazing Texas heat...I wouldn't want any part of an outside job! 

I love that my children and I have the opportunity to practice our Spanish! We have met some very kind men! It has to be hard on them having to hear us speak Spanish...HA! 

I am truly grateful for all the good Lord as blessed us with!!!! GOD is Good!

Okay, so now on to my picture share!

We are so thrilled with how the stone work turned out on our home! 

 LOVIN' the shade we are going to have!

They have started the masonry work on our inside & outside fireplaces...LOVIN' it!

We opted for 8 ft. doors through out the glad we did! It really gives the house a more elegant feel!

Saraya & Jax practicing their Spanish with 
one of our new awesome friends! 

They also got a lesson in masonry the new vocabulary learned! 

That's the teacher in HEART is smiling!

 Saraya & Jax playin' on the dirt mounds...
they are so outdoor kiddos for sure! 

To think that it all started with a KISS! 
I LOVE this man! 

Thanks to PINTEREST...I made my first wreath for our new house today!

Here's to wishful thinkin'...
just incase we make it into our new home before Thanksgiving!

I am ready to tackle all my 
"NEW HOUSE" projects! 

Wishin' y'all a great week!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Catching Up On House of Hubble

MAJOR Catch Up Time!!
 So Seriously! I thought this bloggin’ for our family idea was going to be easy peasy…BUT it’s not!

I can’t seem to manage my time on posting for both blogs! Oh well, better late than NEVER…so here is my CATCH UP on what’s been going on over at the

First off I turned the BIG 40 in August! My darlin’ husband set up a beautiful dinner party, drinkin’ and dancin’ with my FAVORITE peeps!

Turnin’ FORTY has been a big deal for me…I know age is just a number BUT it was a mental adjustment. I have never felt better and more secure in my life as I do now! 

There is such a peace in knowing the things I do now… than what I did know in my 20’s & 30’s (many mistakes). HA!

I am still THANKFUL for each one of them for they have lead me to the woman I am today! 

It was truly an AMAZING DAY! 
I feel very BLESSED to share my life with such lovin', supportive and carin' family and friends!

Next up:

Back To School time for may FAVORITE blessings.

I have thought about this particular school year many times…especially when I held Jax in my arms for the first time.

Savannah & Jax are 12 years apart and the thought of my oldest graduating from high school and my youngest startin’ school for the first time has been a very emotional thought for me! 

So many emotions...from absolute happiness for their milestones…to me feeling the pressure of lettin’ go of my sweet babies.

Time truly does fly…they are babies one minute and then drivin’ a vehicle the next minute! Geezzz…I wasn’t ready for that!

Either way I feel very blessed that God has entrusted me with four beautiful souls.

The bond that my four children share is truly amazing and beautiful to witness…I already have tears in my eyes from thinkin’ about them!

First Day of School pictures: 

New House UPDATE!!

We hope to be in our new house sometime in November or at the latest early December. We are sooooo super EXCITED to get into our new CASA!
It’s been interesting building a new home (more like stressful).

They have messed up on some things… so at times it gets very frustrating because it causes our completion date to be set back to a later date…no bueno when you are ready to move in NOW!

Anyhow, we are still very much excited at seeing the progresses made on our home…so are our children!

They LOVE headin’ out to the new house to check things out with us… or maybe they are just tryin’ to scout the neighborhood for some kiddos! Either way I enjoy their company!

Here's a quick share on what progress has been made on the new CASA: 

We went with stained concrete on the first level floors and dark hardwoods with the 2nd level floors...I DESPISE carpet!!! 

I am more of a AREA rug kind of girl! 

I LOVE how our floors turned out...looks like leather...LOVE IT! 

Sunroom floor...gorgeous! 

Front door view of our 
stained concrete floors.

They are getting ready to brick and stone the front of the exciting to see our house design come to life! 

It's a little scary too because I worry it won't come together look wise! 

Mr. Spouse assures me I have good taste in products & design so he trust all my design decisions! Fingers CROSSED!

Saraya is in the picture..she is so stinkin' caaaaute!

Before the floors were stained.

Mr. Spouse was very thoughtful and built a "Family Deer" blind for this year's Huntin' Season! 

We still need to paint it and maybe I will get the chance to BLING it up on the inside! HA! No chance on that! 

Okay, I feel a little better now that I was able to make a post today.

 Now it's off to check on the new house and see if they've worked on anything new this week. 

Have a GREAT weekend everyone and enjoy this beautiful 1st day of FALL!